First call for Applications for Online Course “TP Training 2021”!

Thursday 15 de April, 2021
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The Ministry of Education’s English Opens Doors Program, in collaboration with the British Council (BC), is pleased to announce the first call for TP Training in 2021. This online course is directed at English teachers working in Technical-Professional schools, with the main objective of providing methodological updates for teaching English in a technical-professional context, thereby contributing to the strengthening of teaching and learning English in EMTP.

What is TP Training?

It is an e-learning course based on CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) in which participants will work with a BC moderator as well as other course participants in a cooperative and collaborative way.

Each module has three units, and, in each unit, there are several tasks: online activities, forum discussions, synchronous meetings, and assignments etc.

In the forum discussions and in the live meetings, participants will interact with each other experiencing the methodology which underpins the whole course, including the communicative approach and reflective practice.

After the online course is finished, participants are invited to go further to put into practice what they have learnt during the course and share TP projects with teachers from all over the country, in a final event called “Good Practice Day”. (Follow-up activity)

EMTP – CLIL course a Teaching for Success online course for TP teachers. The course starts on May 24th, and ends on August 13th, 2021 as outlined in the following chart:

Module Topic Number of hours/Tasks
Platform Forum-assignment
Introductory Getting Started 3 hrs.
I Engaging with CLIL Curriculum, unit and lesson planning 3 hrs. 2 hrs.
II Engaging with CLIL – Task design and implementation 3 hrs. 1 hrs.
III Engaging with CLIL – Teaching vocabulary and adapting materials 3 hrs. 2 hrs.
IV Engaging with CLIL – Supporting output and interaction 3 hrs. 1 hrs.
15 hrs. 6 hrs.
Total ** 21 hrs.
*15 hrs. certificate to be issued by British Council platform **21 hrs. acknowledged in the performance report issued by PIAP – British Council at the end of the course.
Follow-up activity: From August 16th to 31st 10 hrs. acknowledged in a diploma issued by PIAP- British Council at the end of the activity.


Are you interested? Here are the application requirements:

  • You must be an English teacher at a Technical-Professional public school (municipal, delegated administration, local public education service, or government-subsidized private school).
  • You must teach students in the 9th through 12th grade range.
  • You must not be participating in another English Opens Doors training course simultaneously (such as Teachers’ Academy, for example).
  • You must have at least B2 English level.
  • You should be participating in an English Teachers’ Network (Preferable).

Do you meet these requirements? Great! The application will be open from April 15th through May 6th, and can be accessed here:

Application form TP Training 2021


If you have any questions, please reach out

We invite you to know the testimony of English Teachers who participated in TP Training 2020: