New Professional Development Course Offering: Project-Based Learning!

miércoles 24 de marzo, 2021
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Do you want to brush up your Project-Based Learning (PBL) skills?! Did you miss out on PBL training in the past? Well, here is your chance! From 29 April to 30 July, the English Opens Doors Program (PIAP) is offering a new PBL Professional Development course.

What is PBL, you ask? PBL develops students’ leadership, communication, and critical thinking skills while working with course content by keeping them engaged through topics they are interested in and through project designs of their choice. PBL projects aren’t only focused on a final product or assessment of learning but also incorporate the learning objectives for an entire unit of study that culminate in a real-world presentation of what students have learned.

Over the course of three months, participants will dive deep into the eight Gold Standards of PBL projects as well as how to create groups, include content instruction, differentiate projects, and integrate assessments throughout the PBL project. Not only will you learn the key elements of planning, implementing, and adapting PBL to work in your classroom, but you will also plan your first PBL project throughout the course, ensuring you have the tools to make PBL a success in your context.

Ready to sign up? Don’t wait! Applications are open from 23 March to 11 April, and you can apply here.


To be eligible to participate, keep in mind that you must

  • Be an English teacher at a public (municipal, delegated administration, or local public education service) or government-subsidized private school, and
  • Not be enrolled or participating in any other PIAP initiative simultaneously (e.g., Teachers’ Academy, TP Training, etc.).

You will be given priority if you

  • Participated in Teachers’ Academy and the Mentoring Program and/or
  • Are an active member of an English Teachers’ Network (RDI).

Please note that estimated weekly working hours for the course are 4 hours per week. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to