The English Opens Doors Program announces new online course offerings for professional development

lunes 24 de agosto, 2020
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The Ministry of Education’s English Opens Doors Program is inviting all public school English teachers to sign up for our new online professional development course offerings for the second semester.

Due to high demand, we are glad to open a new application process for the the online course “El decreto 83 y la enseñanza del inglés como idioma extranjero”. The course will focus on analyzing the Decreto No 83/2015 to identify the key principles that can be specifically applied to an EFL classroom and will explore a wide range of techniques to use, from designing lessons to creating materials, to make the EFL classroom one that is inclusive.

Also, we are thrilled to announce a new course offering on its virtual classroom platform: Classroom Management. Starting on 21 September and running for eight weeks, PIAP will host two sections of Classroom Management, a course developed to help teachers develop effective strategies for managing the classroom that foster innovation and deep learning with their students.

Finally, we are delighted to announce that the application process for a second cohort of the e-learning course “Public Speaking, Debate & Critical Thinking” is now open. This course was designed to support the Ministry of Education’s mission to further develop oral, cognitive, and citizen skills of students by providing English teachers the tools necessary to teach these critical skills in the classroom. It is meant to give teachers the background knowledge to facilitate students’
acquisition and use of analytical skills as well as comfortability with expressing themselves in English in the classroom.

For applying to all three courses, there’s a list of requirements that must be followed. However, we’ve changed the requirement of being an active member of an English Teacher Network (RDI) to desirable instead of required.

To sign up, we invite you to read each course description, select ONE, and complete the application form before 6 September that is included in each link.

Curso “El decreto 83 y la enseñanza del inglés como idioma extranjero”

Curso “Classroom Management”

Curso “Public Speaking, Debate and Critical Thinking”


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