The English Opens Doors Program opens the application process for the online course “El decreto 83 y la enseñanza del inglés como idioma extranjero”

martes 23 de junio, 2020
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The Ministry of Education’s English Opens Doors Program (PIAP) is excited to announce that a new e-learning course will be starting on 13 July 2020: “El decreto 83 y la enseñanza del inglés como idioma extranjero”. The course will be tutored by Ms. Olga Figueroa Jiménez in PIAP’s online classroom to provide English teachers with resources to make the Decreto Nº 83/2015 relevant in their classrooms as they teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

Over the span of 12 weeks, and with only 40 spots available, this intimate and personal course will focus on helping teachers implement an inclusive educational environment through creating a culture of inclusivity and integrating diverse policies and practices into the classroom. Teachers will analyze the Decreto Nº 83/2015 to identify the key principles that can be specifically applied to an EFL classroom and will explore a wide range of techniques to use, from designing lessons to creating materials, to make the EFL classroom one that is inclusive. For more details about what the course will cover, take a look at the course syllabus here.

Interested? Here are the requirements for applying to the course:

  • You must be an English teacher at a public school (municipal, delegated administration, local public education service, or government-subsidized private school).
  • You must teach students in 5th through 8th
  • You must be an active member of an English Teacher Network (RDI).
  • You must not be participating in another PIAP initiative simultaneously (such as Teachers’ Academy, for example).

If you participated in Teachers’ Academy in 2019, you will be given priority when signing up for this course.

Do you meet these requirements? Great! The application will be open from 22 June through 5 July and can be accessed here.


If you have any further questions, please reach out to