The English Opens Doors Program Opens Applications for the Public Speaking, Debate & Critical Thinking Online Course

martes 02 de junio, 2020
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Starting this Tuesday, 2 June 2020, the Ministry of Education’s English Opens Doors Program (PIAP) is excited to announce the application process for the online Public Speaking, Debate & Critical Thinking course will open. The course will be taught by Ms. Nicole Hansen and will cover three units—The Basics of Communication and Public Speaking, Introduction to Debate and Critical Thinking, and Let’s Build Arguments and Rebuttals—over the course of eight weeks, from 22 June to 16 August 2020.

The Public Speaking, Debate & Critical Thinking course was first designed in 2018 to support the Ministry of Education’s mission to further develop oral, cognitive, and citizen skills of students by providing English teachers the tools necessary to teach these critical skills in the classroom. This course is meant to give teachers the background knowledge to facilitate students’ acquisition and use of analytical skills as well as comfortability with expressing themselves in English in the classroom. For more details about this course offering, please see the syllabus.

Do you want to participate?

English teachers working in public and private subsidized schools with students in 1st to 4th grades in high school are eligible. To enroll, you must be an active member of an English Teacher Network (RDI) and you must not currently be enrolled in any other PIAP initiatives (like Teachers’ Academy, for example). Priority will be given to English teachers who have participated in the 2019 Teachers’ Academy trainings.

If you are interested in taking part and meet the above requirements, the application will be open from 2 June through 14 June and can be accessed here.


Please direct any questions or concerns to